Looking at things with fresh eyes

If you’re like me, after a shoot you look through your images and pick your immediate favorites – these are likely the ones you’ll start working on right away. Yesterday I was looking for a photo to use in a tutorial and took another look in my folder of photos from Italy. Even though I had looked at it before, this one caught my eye. Not sure why, other than maybe it wasn’t your “typical” Venice shot. My wife and I took a gondola ride and went through some of the “back streets” of the Venice canals. Looking at this photo after not visiting the folder in a while, I decided I really liked it.

The moral of the story is not to be too quick to make “final” decisions about your photos. Sometimes, leaving things alone for a while and coming back lets you look at things with fresh eyes. For that reason, I hardly ever delete photos unless they’re definite throw-aways (but even then I keep many of them as material for textures and backgrounds…more on that another day)

Have you ever gone back and looked at an “old” folder of photo through fresh eyes?