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In 2006 I wrote a book called Photoshop Finishing Touches, and ever since then I’ve been getting tons of requests for an update with newer versions of Photoshop. Well the wait is over as I’ve put together my favorite techniques for adding textures, working with filters, creating and using brushes and patterns, smart object templates, edge and border effects and much more.

The eBook contains step-by-step instructions as well as plenty of ideas to help you can adapt the techniques to many different situations – and there are be some bonus videos as well. This self-published eBook allows me to pack all my favorite techniques into one place.If you’ve ever seen me teach you’ll know that I’m a big advocate of working non-destructively, and this book is no different. The techniques you’ll learn will help you add eye-catching effects to your images – that can be edited and reused very easily. In addition, the non-destructive nature of the techniques also mean you can be free to experiment and let your creative juices flow in ways that are not possible with traditional Photoshop methods.